110BYGH Stepping Motor

Stepper Motors 110BYGH

NEMA Format 42 (110×110 mm)

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General specification of stepper motor 110BYGH:
Step Angle 1.8° ± 5%
Temperature Rise Δt = max. 80°C
Ambient Temperature Range -20°C – 50°C
Insulation Resistance 100MO min. 500V DC
Dielectric Strength 500V AC/1 min
Electrical specification:
Model   Motor Length Holding Torque Lead Wires Rated Current Phase Resis- tance Phase Induc- tance Rotor Inertia Detent Torque Shaft Ød Motor Weight
(mm) (N·m) (A) (Ω) (mH) (kg·cm2) (N·cm) (mm) (kg)
110BYGH250C B 150 22 4 6.0 0.8 14 11 - 19 9.0

B = Bipolar Connection

All stepper motors are available with double shaft.

Mechanical Dimensions:
Wiring Diagram


All technical data are subject to change 2012/02