Drag Knife Holder

Drag Knife Holder

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Product description:

Drag knife holder for use on CNC machines with automatic height adjustment made of high quality anodized aluminium for cutting paper, thin cardboard, foils, fabrics, etc.

  • Precise adjustment of the cutting depth with a 0.01mm accurate scale
  • Zero position adjustable via clamping screw in the control knob
  • Cutting depth remains precisely set and does not adjust itself
  • With exact adjustment only the material to be cut and not the backing material is cut
  • Unevenness of up to 10mm in the material is automatically compensated
  • Suitable e.g. for Roland plotter knives Ø2×24 mm with cutting angle 30°, 45° and 60°
    • 60° - Protective cap color: blue
      45° - Protective cap color: red
      30° - Protective cap color: yellow

Technical Data:

Knife holder with height adjustment (0.01 mm)

Suitable for Spindle Holder 33 mm and 43 mm

Blade holder with double ball bearing

Magnetic holder (Neodymium Magnet)

Rotatable down holder made of PTFE with
good sliding properties  
Scope of Delivery:

1 pcs. Drag Knife Holder, pre-assembled

2 pcs. Drag Knifes, stainless steel, 45°

Sturdy practical storage box

Weight (without packing) 246 g