Power Supplies 320W

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  • Universal AC input / full range
  • PF>0.98@115VAC; >0.94@230VAC
  • TÜV type approved
  • Protections: overload/ over voltage/  over temperature/ short circuit
  • Built-in fan speed control
  • Japanese brand components for key parts
  • Electrolytic capacitors all 105°C
  • Dimensions:  228 x 115 x 50mm
Model Versions:
Model No. DC Output Rated Power Load Regulation Voltage Tolerance Ripple & Noise (max) Effeciency
HF320W-SC-5 5V 60.0A 300.0W 0.5% ± 2% 120mVp-p 78%
HF320W-SC-7.5 7.5V 40.0A 300.0W 0.5% ± 2% 120mVp-p 78%
HF320W-SC-12 12V 25.0A 300.0W 0.5% ± 1% 150mVp-p 83%
HF320W-SC-13.5 13.5V 22.0A 297.0W 0.5% ± 1% 150mVp-p 83%
HF320W-SC-15 15V 20.0A 300.0W 0.5% ± 1% 150mVp-p 84%
HF320W-SC-24 24V 13.0A 312.0W 0.5% ± 1% 150mVp-p 86%
HF320W-SC-27 27V 11.7A 315.9W 0.5% ± 1% 200mVp-p 87%
HF320W-SC-36 36V 8.8A 316.8W 0.5% ± 1% 200mVp-p 87%
HF320W-SC-48 48V 6.7A 321.6W 0.5% ± 1% 240mVp-p 88%
HF320W-SC-60 60V 5.3A 318.0W 0.5% ± 1% 240mVp-p 87%
Input Voltage: 85~264VAC (120~370VDC)
Input Current: 5.0A
Inrush Current: cold start, 20A/115V, 40A/230V
Input Leakage Current: < 1mA/230VAC
Line Regulation (full load) ± 0.5%
Voltage Adjust Range: ± 10%
Output Overload Protection: 105~150%, current limiting, auto recovery
Output Over Voltage Protection: 115~150%, shut off, re-power on to recover
Short Circuit Protection: hiccup mode, auto recovery
Rise Time: 50ms @full load (typical)
Hold up Time: 20ms @full load (typical)
Operating Temperature -20°C ~+70°C (ref. derating curve)
Storage Temperature: -20°C ~+85°C
Operating Humidity: 20%~93%RH (non condensing)
Storage Humidity: 20%~95%RH(non condensing)
MTBF >100,000 hours;
Cooling: by fan, speed controlled by internal temperature
EMC Standards: GB9254, EN55022 Class B
EN55024, EN61000-3-2,3
Withstand Voltage: I/P -O/P: 3.0KVAC/1min
I/P - PE: 1.5KVAC/1min
O/P-PE: 0.5KVAC/1min
Vibration: 10~150Hz, 2G 10min/1cycle, 30min each along X, Y, Z axes
Mechanical Feature: enlosed
Connection: 9P/9.5mm screw terminal block
Dimensions: 228 x 115 x 50mm (L x W x H)
Packing: 1.06kgs, 20pcs/23kgs/0.045CBM per carton
  1. All parameters are measured at 230VAC input, rated load and 25°C of ambient temperature.
  2. Line regulation is measured from low line to high line at rated load.
  3. Load regulation is measured from 0% to 100% of rated load for single output models. For multi-output models, it is measured from 20% to 100% of rated load, and other output at 60% rated load.
  4. Ripple & noise are measured at 20MHz of bandwidth by using a 12” twisted pair-wire terminated with a 0.1µF & 47µF parallel capacitor.
  5. The power supply is regarded as a component which will be installed into a final equipment. The final equipment must be re-confirmed that it still meets EMC directives.
Mechanical Dimensions: mm [inch]
Length of assembly screw: max. 6mm
Terminal Pin assignment:
Pin No. Assignment Pin No. Assignment
1,2,3 DC OUTPUT +V 7 PE
4,5,6 DC OUTPUT –V 8 AC/ N
    9 AC/ L
Derating properties: