Solenoid Valve 2V025-06-24VDC

Solenoid Valve 2V025-06-24VDC

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Direct acting 2-Way solenoid valve, normally closed, no minimum pressure required, connections with female thread G 1/8-28“, complete with push-in fittings for 6 mm hose, for 24 V DC operation, fully assembled.

This solenoid valve is widely-used in the control of air systems.

Technical data:
Operating voltage: 24 V DC
Operating current: 125 mA
Screw thread: G 1/8-28"
Hose fitting: 6 mm
Working pressure: 0 bar - 8 bar
Max. permissible pressure: 12 bar
Permissible fluids: air, water, oil
Working temperature: -5°C - 80 °C
Orifice: 2,5 mm
Weight incl. packaging: 255 g
Included in delivery, fully assembled:
  • 1x solenoid valve with coil mounted
  • 1x plug for solenoid coil
  • 2x push-in fittings for 6 mm hose
Mechanical Dimensions:

View from connector side.

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