Fake Leadshine Products


Fake Leadshine Products Circulating

The success of Leadshine's quality products induces many malfunctioning counterfeits.

Leadshine is the biggest manufacturer in China for reliable and well developed products for the stepper motor technology.  Since a few months not only luxurious and medical products but also Leadshine products became victim of counterfeits..

On the website "www.leisai.net" not authorised by original Leadshine Technology such counterfeit products are publicly offered. These products look alike the originals and can hardly be distiguished from as plagiarism. Only the malfunction or limitation in function will disclose the problem. Also on Ebay such illegal product copies are on sale  Only the purchase from reliable distributors and retailers can avoid the purchase of rip-offs.

Subsequently some pictures of a couterfeit Leadshine DM856 from an ebay-supplier from Beijing are dispayed.


Legal steps are taken against the plagiarising companies. However, such procedures will take time.

Also Leadshine Closed-Loop Systems offered in the internet which might come from original production of Leadshine do not have product support in Europe and the function with Leadshine's software cannot be guaranteed.

Please be careful what you buy. Please watch out and buy original products and avoid illegal copies.

Only the purchase from a well known reseller guarantees that you buy original products with product support and warranty.